A new approach to criminal law

Criminal law in Brazil has undergone a substantial revolution in recent years. In addition to the significant increase of the sanctioning of economic crimes, as well as the impacts brought on by the digital world, there has also been a sharp increase in plea bargain deals. This scenario demands professionals with a broad perspective and capable of multidisciplinary analysis when deciding whether to litigate or negotiate. Our lawyers understand the importance of working with colleagues from different areas – such as administrative, competition, environment, and tax law – in the search for the best solutions to the critical problems of clients exposed to criminal liabilities.

The impact of technology on the legal sector and the economy is also on the horizon of our lawyers. With an increasingly connected world, Brazilian and international authorities are now able to exchange information a lot faster, and the option to negotiate or litigate demands a comprehensive analysis of each client’s needs.

Such challenges drive Davi Tangerino and Salo de Carvalho Advogados’s professionals to offer our clients the very best. Its founding partners have a long experience in corporate criminal law with a solid academic background, thus making them able to make decisions and analyze each case with a deep understanding of criminal law. We are always aiming at the best strategies to mitigate the criminal risks for each client.

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