About us

Criminal law has undergone a significant revolution in recent years: alongside the considerable increase of sanctions in the field of economic criminal law, criminal prosecution has also taken on a new direction toward plea bargain deals, becoming closer to the Anglo-Saxon law.

At Davi Tangerino and Salo de Carvalho Advogados we offer a unique blend of extensive practice with corporate-related criminal matters (praxis) and theoretical depth acquired in a solid established academic career. We believe the great value on legal services in criminal law stems from the capability of understanding how any complex corporate problem is actually entwined with several other practices of law, and offer creative, forthcoming alternatives in a sensitive area of practice that is very prone to external pressure (such as media coverage and political agendas).

The environment surrounding criminal law also faces a significant dilemma: negotiating or litigating. Starting a negotiation does not merely require understanding the potential risks for the defendants in criminal proceedings, but also knowing the facts that, once presented in court, might bring different responses, such as fines and ineligibility to individuals; as well as being banned from providing government-funded works or receiving State loans when it comes to legal entities. Litigation is no longer an isolated act: the regulatory agencies, both domestic and international, are now in close contact forcing lawyers to have a comprehensive assessment of potential legal matters.

Our founding partners have long experience in corporate criminal law, with a solid academic background, which we believe are two critical ingredients for understanding the new status of criminal law as well as in the understanding of its consequences in Brazil and abroad so we can make the best decisions for our clients.

The post-compliance world is a fact. Ethics and transparency guide our practice. Moreover, technological innovations and their impact on our duties and on the economy are on our horizon. We believe that understanding our clients’ markets is crucial to be on their side.

Challenges are the driving force behind Davi Tangerino and Salo de Carvalho Advogados. We believe in partnering up with our clients to find the best criminal risk mitigation strategies, as well as to build the best strategies, be it negotiating deals, or disputing matters. We have an extensive experience counseling clients in federal and state court throughout the country and in all phases of litigation, including trial and appeal.